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Bath Royale

Top Mount Kit 2 - Toilet Seat Mounting Hardware (Bath Royale seats only)

$ 10.00 $ 12.00

Top mount hardware is required for some 1-piece toilets or bowls with flat sides or concealed trapways (see photo examples). Reason: No access to tighten the nuts from the underside of the toilet.

Further explanation: Most toilets are designed for toilet seats to be mounted with screws from the top and nuts tightened from the bottom. All toilet seats are packed with "bottom mount" hardware because this is by far, the most-common installation method.

Bath Royale "top mount" hardware uses parts included with your seat. Please click the PDF icons below for installation instructions, Part 1 & 2:

For installation instructions (Part 1 and Part 2), click PDF icons below...

Part 1:        Part 2:     

NOTE: Bath Royale seat hardware includes anti-corrosion, stainless steel that is super strong, will hold your seat secure and last for years. Contact Us if you have any questions.


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