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MasterSuite Toilet Seat with Cover

by Bath Royale®

MasterSuite Toilet Seat with Cover

$ 54.97 $ 115.99

OUR BEST SEAT – MasterSuite seats are made of Eurocast®, a high-tech polymer that is harder, heavier and stiffer than polypropylene. The finish is closer to matte than high gloss, is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Eurocast® breathes better against the skin than polypropylene and does not flex. MasterSuite bumpers are rubberized, slip-resistant and positioned for maximum stability. For those who prefer a heavy, stiff seat, dislike flex, or are above average weight and like to sit and move around on the closed cover, MasterSuite is the best choice.

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      Including Kohler, American Standard, Toto, Crane, Eljer, Caroma, etc. (Also fits toilets with non-standard mounting hole spacings 4.5 - 6.5 inches.) BEFORE YOU ORDER, please measure your toilet to determine if you need ROUND or ELONGATED (diagram below shows how to measure your toilet).
      1: Bath Royale seats are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BIDETS OR RISERS that install between seat and bowl.
      2: Toilets with concealed trapway (aka flat sides or skirted bowl) require top mount anchors (sold separately). See example photo below and Parts section for more information.

      BETTER, MORE SANITARY and LONGER-LASTING than painted wood, molded wood or vinyl-covered foam padded “soft” seats. All Bath Royale seats non-absorbent, a solid color throughout and will not chip peel or fade. Stainless steel mounting hardware holds your seat firmly in place. With proper care and cleaning, the finish will last for years. The 2-YEAR WARRANTY is double most other brands.

      SLOW-CLOSE (seat & cover) prevents loud slamming, cracked toilets and pinched fingers. Simply tap and watch the seat and/or lid close slowly and silently by themselves. Ideal for kids, older adults, individuals with disabilities or lower back pain because the user does not have to bend or stoop to lower the seat. This self-closing feature may help teach boys (and men) to raise and lower the seat…because it’s so easy!

      EASY TO KEEP CLEAN Quick Release enables you to instantly remove the seat for cleaning the nasty area between the seat mounting posts where urine, grime and odor-causing germs collect. Helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

      COLORS:  BISCUIT/LINEN matches Kohler’s Biscuit, American Standard’s Linen and Toto’s Sedona Beige. ALMOND/BONE matches Kohler’s Almond, American Standard’s Bone and Toto's Bone. BEFORE YOU ORDER, please try to confirm your toilet’s brand and color name (colors and names vary by manufacturer).

      Warning: DO NOT try to match the photos here with the color of your toilet (colors appear differently on computer screens).

      Installation Overview

      a) Installation is not difficult, but it is very different from other seats. Be sure to download printable installation instructions below. follow the instructions step by step and use all the parts. (Estimated Installation Time: 10-15 minutes.)

      b) Tools Required: Phillips head screw driver, tape measure or ruler